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Bait car
Added: 20th January 2009
Posted By: BuzzDirector
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The Nanaimo RCMP release video of a suspect trying to steal one of their bait cars, June 2008.

Bait car bears fruit in Sooke
Added: 4th March 2009
Posted By: BuzzDirector2
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SOOKE - The problem of vehicle break-ins has been an ongoing one in, and around Sooke. Vehicles are preyed upon throughout the municipality and...

Gone Fishing on the B.C. Day weekend
Added: 3rd August 2009
Posted By: BuzzDirector2
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BRITISH COLUMBIA - Scott and Sara (they didn't want their last names in print) were enjoying their B.C. Day long weekend at Sakinaw Lake on the...

Olympic bait set out for car thieves
Added: 26th January 2010
Posted By: SurreyEditor
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Solicitor General Kash Heed and senior RCMP officials discuss plans for stepped up use of bait cars to curb thieves that might target vehicles...

Audio from inside the bait car
Added: 23rd October 2010
Posted By: SaanichEditor
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Bait Car Footage
Added: 8th March 2012
Posted By: SurreyEditor
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Video from several bait cars that have been stolen.

Bait Cars celebrate 10 years
Added: 9th March 2012
Posted By: KolbySolinsky
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Victoria celebrated 10 years of its Bait Car program on Thursday, and also announced new efforts to remind car thieves, "Steal one: Go to jail."...

Prolific Offender arrested
Added: 6th July 2009
Posted By: AbbyNewsEditor
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Abbotsford- Police in abbotsford arrested a well known prolific offender monday at around 7pm

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